Coastal Viewer

What is the purpose of the Coastal Viewer?

The Coastal Viewer was launched in 2014 by the DFFE and contains information regarding the Coastal Public Property (CPP) and Coastal Protection Zone (CPZ). The spatial data and information provided aims to support decision making processes by making data available to non-specialists. Users may find the data useful to support their work in facilitating coastal access, protecting sensitive coastal ecosystems and protecting people, property and economic activities that may be affected by dynamic coastal processes.

While each DeST has a dedicated lead, responsible for creating the respective Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), the Coastal Viewer does not as it is considered to be a mature DeST. An established community of practice regularly makes use of the Coastal Viewer and any suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.


No GIS skills required

Basic spatial query functionality is provided in the viewer. 

Web-based environment

As a web-based system, users do not need to install any GIS software to interact with spatial data. 

Data is safe

The data cannot be edited or altered in any way

Mobile friendly 

The viewer is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems.

Data contributors

  1. National, provincial and local government departments
    Data for which departments are the data custodians and data emanating from various projects
  2. Parastatals and government entities
    Data emanating from various projects, including research outputs
  3. Everyone else
    NGOs, NPOs, citizen groups and anyone interested in contributing their data

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I download the data?
    No, data cannot be downloaded from the Coastal Viewer. To access any of the data, you would have to contact the relevant custodian. A list of data custodians is available on the viewer, alternatively you are welcome to contact us in this regard. 
  • Who are the data providers?
    Data providers include official data custodians (mostly government departments) and external contributors. These contributors may be independent researchers who would like their data to be hosted and available to the public.
  • Can I contribute my data?
    Yes, please contact us regarding hosting your data.
  • Will I remain the data owner if I contribute my data?
    Yes, you will remain the data owner. If anyone would like to request your data, you will be notified and you will then deal directly with the request. 
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